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Easter Celebration

April 16, 2012
Easter was at our Igekemaja church this year.  Five other churches were invited!  A handful of others came from 2 new villages (potential church plants- Lord, we need more pastors!)                                                                                                             Preparations started the week before.  Igekemaja teens worked a little bit every day to haul water to fill up the baptismal.

Women worked all week buying food.  Thursday was the day to clean all the rice.  Sunday morning- butcher the cow and get the cooking fires started!

Believers from Fumagira arrive

Churches started arriving by 3 different trucks and a few smaller vans.  

Pele worked for over half an hour trying to get everyone settled into one building.  "All children on the floor."  "All Igekemaja church members stand in the back to give your guests room to sit."

We had a great time of singing, here's a sample of some of the choruses we sang, including "You are of Grace" in Kisukuma and "Reign, Lord, Reign" in Kiswahili.

Six choirs sang from each of the churches that had come, and children from 5 churches quoted verses they had memorized.  Pastor Petro preached (in both Swahili and Sukuma), "Yesu ni Mshindi Wetu."  Jesus is our Victor.  He told the story of the Israelites and the brass serpent and then read from John 3 that Christ was lifted up like the snake in the wilderness.  Look to Him and He will save you!  Thirteen people came forward to receive Christ!

Then it was time for baptisms!  Sixty-three people were baptized.  These churches hadn't had a chance to baptize new believers since last Easter (longer for some.)

Pastor Pele getting everyone organized before Pastor Petro started baptizing.

Finally, don't forget the food!  Lunch was served at 5pm!!

What a celebration!!  I can't imagine we'll be able to do too many more of these joint celebrations... none of our buildings are big enough!  But for these early years while we can, it's a HUGE encouragement for all involved.  To sing praises to our Savior all together... whew!!  What a JOY! 

3 comments on "Easter Celebration"
  1. This was such a blessing to see. I loved getting to hear them sing!

  2. What an amazing Easter Celebration! I especially liked the video of everyone singing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Tears of joy seeing the truckloads of souls coming to share in the Easter celebration! What a blessing to have so many that the building is not large enough to hold them! Rejoicing in the souls that were saved!