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Taxi Bliss

March 6, 2012
I don't know why I never thought of it before!  Oh the bliss that a taxi can bring!  The road that heads up to one of our little church plants, Nyaska, is really rough.  The last month or so Justa, Rhoda, and I have been heading up there to encourage the pastor's wife, Lusi, and help her visit some of the ladies in her church.  The first 2 times I attempted the drive myself.  The car made it there and back just fine, it's an awesome car!  It's the driver that has some issues.  Both times I returned home exhausted from the stress of driving, and the 2nd time I got the car stuck over a little embankment.  

Last Thursday we decided to go by daladala (little vans for public transportation).  We walked to the main road to get the daladala.  Four or five rode by, all packed to the point it was difficult to shut the door!  They were willing to squeeze us on, but to me that's more stress than driving myself!  Finally I said, "Come on, let's find a taxi."

A daladala ride is 25 cents, and a taxi ride is $3.50.  Justa and Rhoda argued with the driver to try to get his price lower but he wouldn't budge.  I didn't mind a bit.  Let him stress over the rocks and through the potholes and the stream.  Let him scrape the under carriage of his car and work to avoid the deep crevices running down the middle of the "road."  

I must say it was the best $7 (he returned later and took us home) I've spent!  I got home that evening totally relaxed with energy left over to get some things done! :-)

I returned again to Nyasaka this morning to take Pastor Daudi and his teenage son to the hospital.  George woke up one morning about a month ago with severe pain in his leg without any apparent cause.  His whole leg swelled up.  They had gotten some medicine from a little local clinic.  Then they tried some natural tea from a neighbor.  The leg looks a lot better these days but the pain is still intense.  I offered to take him to the hospital 2 weeks ago, but they weren't ready to try that yet.  Finally yesterday pastor Daudi called to see if I was still willing to help.  I walked down to the main road this morning and hailed a cab.

Yeah for taxi bliss!
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