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March 24, 2012
"Oh, I've already resigned myself.  I know I won't be going to heaven."

"Well, then we've come today to bring you hope!"

There we were, 3 pastor's wives (Justa, Rhoda, Lusi) and myself sitting on rocks outside Mama Katili's home, listening to this young mother share in a frankness I don't often encounter here.  "I'm Catholic but just in name, I never go to church anymore.  My husband is Muslim.  He never liked my church and I never liked his mosque so we both quit going.  I know I'm a sinner and have given up ever trying to be good enough for God."

Mama Katili's kids have been coming to our church in Nyasaka very faithfully but she or her husband have never come.

"I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love..."  If you're ever feeling spiritually dry my prescription is... find someone and tell them the story.  It lifts my heart like nothing else!  My GOD loved me SO MUCH that He became a man and DIED for me!!

Even more uplifting: to share such GOOD NEWS with someone who has given up on her own goodness, given up on ever making it to heaven.  What a prepared heart!

When I shared that we had come to give her hope, all of a sudden I had her complete attention.  A half hour later, Mama Katili prayed to receive Christ!  Now I'm pleading with God that she would take the next step and come to church THIS Sunday!
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  1. Thank you for this, Lisa. What a beautiful opportunity. --and I loved your last post about TIto, too.