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God at work in Sunday school

March 25, 2012
Oh the joy of watching GOD work!

We're on lesson #18 of the New Tribes chronological lessons of the Bible in our children's class at Igekemaja. Abraham offering his son Isaac.  It was Ngamba's turn to teach.  

Thursday Ngamba called me to say he'd been pretty sick with malaria all week and please be ready in case he couldn't teach on Sunday.  

When the singing had started at church this morning and neither Ngamba nor his wife had arrived, I sent one of our older boys in the class, Barnabas, to Ngamba's house to pick up the flashcards for the lesson.  But, a few minutes later, there he was, dressed and ready to teach!

I don't know anything about preaching, but when you're teaching the Bible to children... whether the story is easier or difficult, short or long... if you haven't been personally taught by the Holy Spirit, if you haven't been affected at all by the passage personally... your lesson will be empty and you'll have wasted the hour.  Well, no, no.  I can't say that.  God's Word NEVER returns void.  He can use His Word any time and through any messenger.  But, OH the POWER of a lesson when the messenger speaks from the HEART!

As Ngamba read and explained Gen 22, he got very sober and said things like..."Imagine what Abraham must have been thinking when he gathered firewood, firewood that would be used in the fire to burn his son!  Oh the agony of packing a knife for the journey.  And as the old man was binding his son, why didn't Isaac fight back?  And after his father released him from his wounds why didn't Isaac start accusing his father and hating him for doing something so horrid?  Both young and old were men of faith."

Ngamba has 2 little children of his own, a 3 yr old daughter and an infant son.  That no doubt made the passage even more real to him.

And I sat in the back with a heart full of praise.  A young Tanzanian believer, a fellow servant and brother in the Lord who was taught by the Lord this week and then used to teach others... even after a week of malaria!

ALL praise to HIM!


2 comments on "God at work in Sunday school"
  1. Praise the LORD! Ngamba has come a long way and we pray the Lord continues to teach him and use him.

  2. What a great blessing to be able to share in what God is doing!Each morning the first thing I do is look to see if there is any news from our missionaries. God is busy working in so many places. I'm looking forward to Missions Conference this week, one of our own will be going to Peru!