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Neighborhood excitement

February 28, 2012

I don't really understand the tendency for "mobbing" here.  A crowd of hundreds of people can gather in just a few minutes if there's something worth watching.  Yesterday it was a truck that had tipped over.

I live with my landlords Tim and Joyce on the side of a fairly large hill.  There's a dirt road that goes up the hill right outside our gate.  In fact more than once motorcycles have lost control coming down the road and crashed right into our gate.

Yesterday a large truck somehow lost control and tipped over halfway down the hill.  The four men in the cab were able to crawl out the driver's window, but another young man wasn't so lucky.  The truck fell right on him and he was stuck between the truck and a big rock.

A crowd of hundreds of people had gathered to watch.  After hearing what had happened, Tim ran up the hill with a huge jack.  He and several men worked together to free the man.  Then 3 men carried the injured man down the hill to a waiting van and off to the hospital.

It's a good thing people are willing to help each other in situations like this.  The police, ambulance, and fire department do exist here in Mwanza, but aren't reliable.  Yesterday people tried to call the emergency number several of times, but the line was off the hook!
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