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Beginning vs. Finishing

February 7, 2012
Poll:  It's easier to start something well than finish something well.  Agree or Disagree?

If I could call people from all walks of life, all cultures and languages to ask this one question... I do believe all of humanity would be in agreement (or 98% at least, give room for the few ornery ones out there.)  It's so much easier to start well than to finish well.

I had to do a research paper when I was in 7th grade on the the country of China.  I jumped right into it, reading and studying and writing...I'm sure you can guess the rest.  Let's just say the first few pages of my report and the last few pages were markedly different in quality.

I'm learning that planting churches in Tanzania is no different.  As a children's worker and trainer of teachers, I serve closely alongside many Tanzanian pastors, and I've observed much.  There's fresh energy and excitement to go to a new village.  The villagers are excited you're there, they come to see the new preacher or watch the building go up.  But as the months pass and the years, the freshness fizzles out and the excitement fades.  Being a faithful shepherd... teaching, praying for, exhorting, and visiting church members is HARD WORK.  Then when the enemy gets his "go-ahead" to attack, whew... being a pastor is no easy assignment. (Not that my job is free from trials and attack, but pastors seem to be primary targets of the enemy.)

Please pray for our pastors.  Pray that they would fight a good fight, that they would finish their race.  Pray that they would only start a new church when led by the Holy Spirit.  Pray that they would not head out to start a new church as an escape from present trials or for any kind of personal glory.

Here's a list of the villages where we have churches and their pastors:

Fumagira - Petro
Igekemaja - Pelegrino
Mayoka - Pelegrino
Kitongo - Mbugua
Igoma - Gervasi
Kisesa - Gervasi
Ibungilo - Delphinus
Nyamasale - Delphinus
TX - Musa
Kidinda- John
Mwamunhu- John
Bubinza - Zephania
Lamadi - Joas
Mwadobana- Joas
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