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Never normal

January 4, 2012
I think life in America is way too boring and predictable.  

Don't believe me?  Then please... direct me to a church in the states where a lizard might accidentally fall from the ceiling and land on my head.   Or where might I go where the lake flies are so thick I'll be gagging as I walk to church?   And please direct me to the outdoor cinema where I can watch the Jesus film while dodging swooping bats.

To all my friends and loved ones back in the states:  Tired of the same-ole' predictable, safe environment?  Then come on over to East Africa where life is never normal!!! :-)

...I'm not kidding.  All those things happened to me Christmas weekend.  The lizard was the most exciting.  He landed on my head and jumped off so fast I never even saw him... but I can still feel his claws on my forehead.  Blahhh!
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