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Missionary Kids

January 10, 2012
I'd like to brag just a bit about missionary kids.  Have you ever taken the time to get to know them?  Not just at church when the missionaries come to visit.  Most likely they feel out of place there.  Missionary kids in Africa walk to church on dusty roads in their sandals.  They haven't had the chance to learn most of the hymns in a hymnbook, but they can sing praises to God in a foreign language as loud as any of the locals. They may seem awkward in your American church with its padded pews and air conditioning, but don't be fooled...  I have the privilege of living among them, watching them in their home environment.  And let me just say they are worth getting to know!

The other day I had a lizard set up residence under a cabinet in my living room.  Knowing several missionary kids were coming over the next day, I didn't mind.  They're not scared of lizards like some others.  They have terrariums with snakes and spiders in their bedrooms!

Hannah Helsby chased the lizard out with a stick and Launa Tanner caught it, with her bare hands I might add!

Launa arm wrestling Alicia Hazlitt!  Launa beat us all!

What do missionary teens (girls) like to do for fun?  Arm wrestle!   Can I just say Launa is a beast!  She beat everyone!  Probably because she and Hannah are carrying rocks and shoveling dirt all the time.  NO, not as a job, rather for fun.  They're digging a cave in their spare time (complete with rooms and passageways).  Crazy!

Lauren and Megan Helsby eating Christmas dinner on their porch in bare feet!
  Missionary kids (at least the ones I know) run around in bare feet all day.  As we were heading out for dinner one time, 15-yr old Hannah jumped out of the car, ran back to the house saying, "Sorry, I forgot my shoes!"

Kate Helsby playing in her new princess dress in bare feet. :-)

If you ever get the chance to get to know a missionary kid, take it!  They are a GREAT group of people who've had unique opportunities to see other lands and adjust to other cultures.  They have a great ability to adapt to new situations and have a much bigger view of the world around them than most of their American counterparts.  And I challenge you to find a missionary kid who is not an expert at packing for a trip!

Hannah, Lauren, and Megan Helsby along with Abby Brouwer, Christmas 2011.

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  1. I loved your post on missionary kids. I was a missionary kid, and now I'm raising two! I enjoyed getting to meet you at the ladies' retreat.