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Kigoma Adventure

January 31, 2012
Beth, Lisa, & Alicia on vacation in Kigoma

One of the "perks" of being a missionary is the chance to travel and see new places.  For example, if you lived just a few hours (well, 12 hours by car or 1 hr by plane) from the famous spot where the infamous words "Dr. Livingston, I presume?" were spoken, would you not go and see it?

Time for a little geography lesson.  Where in the world is Tanzania?  Uganda and Kenya border us on the north.  Rwanda and Burundi are up in our northwest corner.  Congo is across Lake Tanganyika to the west.  Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique lie to the south.  And the Indian Ocean makes up our eastern border.

The state of California could fit 2x's inside the country of Tanzania. The shaded green areas are national parks.  Up in the north is the all-famous Serengeti National Park, and if you look just to the left you'll find my home city, Mwanza... on the southern bank of Lake Victoria.

Now if you'll head back to the western border, you'll see two towns just south of Burundi: Kigoma and Ujiji.  And now you know where Stanley found Livingston (Ujiji) and where Lisa got to go on vacation! :-)

At the Livingston/Stanley memorial in Ujiji
David Livingston, missionary and explorer, made an impression on the Tanzanians in the area.  He spent many years searching for the source of the Nile and never found it.  He is remembered more (in the local museum) for his treatment of the Tanzanian people.  Where other explorers were cruel, Livingston freed and befriended several men who became his lifelong companions. 

Kigoma is a bustling little town, and Lake Tanganyika is BEAUTIFUL!  A perfect place to get away... and read, snorkel, and go cliff jumping!

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  1. It's beautiful! We will be on the other side of the country though between the Indian Ocean and the big Selous Game Reserve. It's been so fun displaying all the Africa clothes and things when people come over! Thank you so much for letting us use them! I will get the two things you wanted back to the Egelers before we leave CO in March.