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The All-Famous Fish

January 18, 2012
This Sunday I didn't ride "solo."  Dorcas is a faithful follower of Christ who has been a part of our city church for years.  Dorcas had polio and has almost no use of her legs.  She gets around on a bike that she pedals with her hands.  She lives with her mother and sells little bags of roasted peanuts on the side of the road.

Saturday she used her neighbors phone to call and ask if she could join me the next day for services out in the bush.  I picked her up at 7am and we headed out to Mayoka.  She kept exclaiming at how far away we were and how completely different it was from city life!

After Mayoka we headed to Kisesa for their 11:00am service.  I taught the children's class in both services.  As we were heading back to town Dorcas asked if I would drive by the "Mwanza fish."  There are 4 main round-abouts in the city of Mwanza and in the center of one of them is a fountain in the shape of a fish (Tilapia in fact.  Mwanza is known for tilapia since we are right on the southern bank of Lake Victoria.)  Dorcas had heard all about the fountain but had never seen it.

You must understand, fountains are quite the new thing here.  EVERYONE loves the "Mwanza fish." There's always 8 or 10 guys with digital cameras "fishing" for someone who will pay to have their picture taken, and there's always people who "bite."   People even have their wedding pictures taken by the Mwanza fish! 

Yesterday, Dorcas and I took the "bait."  We paid an exorbitant price to have our picture taken in front of the only fountain in all of western Tanzania (as far as I know.)  And we had FUN doing it!!

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