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Me? A hypocrite?

December 1, 2011
There I was, sitting outside the church on a leftover cement block, waiting for someone to show up to go visiting with me.  I had been told to come at 2pm, I even asked several times, "Are you sure?  2pm, not 3?"  Heh, heh...  This is my 2nd term... I've already been here 3 months... but I still haven't been able to forget my "western--everything-runs-on-schedule--culture."  Two-o'-clock, means 2:00pm, right? 
I pulled out my Swahili Bible, but after reading about  2 verses I decided I just wasn't going to sit and wait for what might be an hour.  I'd just start "stewing" and then I'd be nothing but a massive hypocrite... "Jesus loves you"... Grrr, why can't anyone learn to look at a clock.... "And He took the punishment for your sin."....  Doesn't anyone care that the little white single girl sat there ALONE for forEVER?   You think I'm joking?  Hah... And before you get all shocked that a missionary can be a massive hypocrite... how many times have you gone to church "to worship"....arguing with your family the whole way there?
Isn't God's GRACE absolutely AMAZING!?!

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