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Christmas 2011~ Wrestling

December 28, 2011
Alicia and I on Christmas Day

The weekend continued with visiting in the village.  

First let me start with a bit of background... Alicia is a fellow single missionary.  She's come to work at Mavuno Village for 2 years as a teacher.  Mavuno Village is a family-style orphanage in the village of Kitongo, the village where our newest church has been planted.  The Tanners and Helsbys and others at Mavuno have become dear friends of the Brouwers and I.

Both the orphanage and now our church have struggled through lots of issues with the village leadership.  Kitongo has a strong witchcraft presence.  Also, most of the villagers are fishermen.  And fishermen in TZ typically do not have a good reputation... let's just leave it with that.

Eph 6 says we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers.  Sometimes it's been easy to forget and think that the villagers and village elders are our enemies.  NO, these people are simply in bondage to the real enemy.  Our warfare is spiritual!

And the only way I know how to wage spiritual warfare is prayer.  Alicia and I headed out Friday for a long walk through the village of Kitongo, praying as we went.

When I was a teenager, a group from my church traveled down to New Mexico to join a missionary in a "prayer walk."  They were trying to reach a certain Indian tribe and the only day that outsiders were allowed on the tribe's reservation was once a year for a big festival.  The missionaries asked that we not do anything overtly "Christian."  The people were not ready, and we might ruin any future chance the missionaries could get.  Instead we were to mill around like other tourists and spend the whole day quietly praying.  I've never forgotten that day.   We traveled all that way just to spend one day in prayer.

Last week we walked through the village of Kitongo waging our weapon of prayer.  May the enemy be defeated and Christ's name lifted high in Kitongo!!

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