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Christmas 2011~ Sharing

December 28, 2011
Saturday, Alicia and I (it was SO wonderful having a fellow single to hang out with all weekend!) joined some of the Kitongo church members in a few hours of witnessing.  We split into 3 groups.  Alicia and I went out with a 15-yr old boy named Habili.  He led us around to various houses.  Alicia is still learning Swahili, and it was Habili's first time to go witnessing.  Thus I got to do all the talking!  It was a great stretch of my Swahili.

We met a believer, who used to be a solid leader in another local church.  When his wife died 10 years ago he quit going to church, and hasn't returned since.  We met a lady who had never heard anything about Jesus Christ, never been to any kind of church.  We encouraged a pentecostal lady in the assurance of her salvation.  We talked with 2 Catholic ladies, one being the wife of Habili.  We witnessed to a fisherman, and 3 teenagers who all had different church backgrounds.  Two other groups of men also went out that day, so lots of seed has been scattered in Kitongo!

Every time I get to share the wonderful Story I'm amazed afresh at what an incredible SAVIOR we have, and how great is His GRACE.  Saturday I got to share six times in a row!!  And the more you share, the more you want to go out and share again!
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