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Chrismas 2011~ Celebration!

December 29, 2011

Christmas Day the church at Kitongo hosted 3 other churches for a combined all-day service... and what a CELEBRATION!  We sang and sang.

Then each of the church choirs sang and sang.

Then children from each of the churches quoted scriptures.  I was SO proud of my Mayoka kids... they quoted all 66 books of the Bible!

The pastor of Kitongo, John Mbugua preached while Mariamu and I taught 40-ish children, ages 8 and under, out under a tarp.

Then came the FOOD!  Each of the churches pitched in for rice and beans, and Bill Brouwer bought a cow.  They slaughtered the cow early that morning and a group of some 20 people worked on preparing the meal while we were in church. 

Lots of people sacrificed a lot of time and money for this Christmas celebration.  Thanks to our host church, Kitongo.   Thanks to Bill for the cow and providing transportation for the 3 churches.  Thanks to Pastors John and Pele for working through all the details of such a big event.  It's such an encouragement for all our churches who are still young in the faith, to be a part of something big, to get out of their own village and join other believers they don't even know in praise of a common Savior!!

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