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Bible College 2011 winter term

December 21, 2011

We just finished a great winter term at Lake Victoria Bible College, (we have 2 2-wk modules each year -in June and December).  The blessing of so  much rain recently actually lowered our attendance.  Many of our students are farmers, and this is the prime month to be out in their fields and rice paddies.  Others were sick, and others were late arriving (or didn't arrive at all) because the roads are impassable.

The second week 3 of our Tanzanian pastors (who have earned a 2-yr degree so far and are continuing to study) took turns teaching one of the pre-requisite courses.

The students are given various jobs throughout the 2 weeks to help keep our facilities clean.  Then the last day, there's a blitz clean up. 

Believers from about 10 different churches came this term.    Pastors and pastors wives, young men in training, old men who've been saved recently and are hungry for more, and many teenagers all come to town for 2 weeks of intensive Bible training.  Each night we have a special chapel service.  You can imagine what an encouragement our 2-week Bible College sessions are to all! 

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