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Tanzanian-style visitation

November 17, 2011
"Kaza Mwendo" got a bit dirty yesterday. :-)  With all the rain we've had, the road out to Fumagira was a muddy mess with puddles everywhere!  I'm so thankful that Kaza Mwendo has good tires and high clearance! :-)

I knew with it still drizzling, we wouldn't be able to do a lot of visiting once I made it out to Pastor Petro's house, and had resigned to let go of my expectations and just "go with the flow." Even if all I do is visit with Petro and Katarina, that's an important.

With my western upbringing,  I'm often too ambitious.  I always have plans to get more done then my fellow Tanzanian laborers.  "Let's leave right at 2.  Let's separate into teams of 2 so we can talk to more people.  Let's, let's, let's..."

But who's to say witnessing, Tanzanian-style, isn't more effective? ... I am after all in their world. 

What is visiting Tanzanian-style, you may ask?  "We'll head out when everyone gets here.  In the mean time, let's sit and chat awhile.  When it's time, let's all head out together.  When we arrive at a house, let's relax and visit awhile before starting into the gospel presentation.  Even if you come and never say anything, it means a lot that you come."

I had driven out to Fumagira yesterday to join them in visitation.  By the time the drizzling had stopped, by the time I had caught up on all the news of Fumagira with Petro and his wife... and brought them all up to date on my the time Petro and his wife and neighbor had gotten ready to head out (washed their feet and changed clothes), it was 3:30-ish (I got there at 2).  We had time to visit two homes, a church member who had stopped coming to church,  and our church deacon, Maduka, and his wife. 

With my western, goal-oriented view of life, it kind of felt like a wasted afternoon.  And still... Petro had the chance to witness to 3 men (in Kisukuma).  Two we met on the path between houses, and one at Maduka's house.  And... the two men on the path, after hearing the gospel, bowed their heads right there on the road and received Christ!
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