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Sunday travels- Mayoka

November 15, 2011
     It takes me about 45 min to drive to Mayoka.  After 30 minutes on a nice paved highway, I turn off onto a dirt road.  The further I get away from the highway the more the people stare at the strange white car driving by.  Kids wave hoping to get the attention of the mzungu driver.  This Sunday there were two cows yoked together that had gotten tired of pulling a plow.  They were high-tailin' it down the road straight at me.  The young farmer was chasing them with a stick... which only made them run faster it seems. :-) 
     The road gradually deteriorates into a simple cow path which travels across a swampy area to the little group of huts know as "Mayoka."  With all the rains we're getting I'm not sure how much longer my car will be able to make it out there.  Sunday the ground was rather "mushy."
    What amazes me every time is that the service starts at 8am and by the time I get there at 8:15-ish people have already gathered and started singing!  I always assume I shouldn't be on time because nothing in Africa is started "on time," yet, in Mayoka I'm always wrong.  One of these days I'm actually going to make it before the service starts!  Very weird for here!
     After singing pambios (choruses) and hymns, the offering is taken, and then the choir sings (about 15 adults and teens)Right before the pastor preaches all the kids are dismissed for their class.  I'm so thankful that the kids have their own building now because the rain was "spitting" most of the morning!  
     I had given one of our young men, Alexi, the lesson for the morning.  He has led the singing and taught a memory verse in our children's class, but hasn't attempted a Bible lesson yet.  I was eager to watch him teach.  Alas, not yet... he backed out, said he hadn't had time to prepare.  Thankfully I had looked at the lesson (on the creation of man) and prepared questions for a review game.  The lesson went well (as well as the review game), thank you, Lord!
     Our lesson: Mankind is the climax of creation.  We are created in the image of God...with an akili- mind- that we would know God, with hisia- emotions- that we would love God, and with the uwezo wa kuamua- will- that we would choose to serve God!
    With Christmas coming up all the children's classes are preparing something for our joint Christmas celebration.  This year there will be four churches at our newest church, Kitongo.  In Mayoka we're memorizing the books of the Bible.  We've just finished the Old Testament (though the minor prophets are still a bit shaky).  Happiness, the pastor's wife, worked with the kids this week on the minor prophets, then she offered a little prize to anyone who can come back next week and quote all the OT books by himself.  That'll be fun!  I can't wait to see who will work hard this week, and I'm just as curious what the prize will be. :-)  I love it when fellow teachers come up with their own ideas!!!

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