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Sunday travels- Fumagira

November 22, 2011
First stop this Sunday- Mayoka.  I was determined to arrive on time for the 8am service at Mayoka, and I would have, if not for the mud.  I was scared of getting my car stuck in the mud, (I'd rather get stuck myself.  Easier for someone to pull me out than my car!) so I parked and walked the last 10 minutes.

The last stretch of road out to Mayoka...the part I decided not to take my car through.  If you look close, you can see the metal roof of the church building right behind a group of huts.

After teaching, and the extra 10ish minutes to walk back to my car (and change my shoes!) I headed off to Fumagira.

To get to Fumagira, I drive 30 minutes back towards town and turn off the paved road at the town of Igoma.  There's always TONS of people, daladalas (little vans used as public transportation), motorcycles and bikes (with their drivers, also used as a "taxi" service).  I have to inch my way through the crowds, with the gentle honk to let people know to "get out of the way!"  This congested corner always makes me nervous.  Windows are up and doors are locked before getting in the middle of it!

From there I take the dirt road through the towns of Igoma and Kishiri and some other little villages that I don't know the names of.  Since first coming to visit (in 2006), I'm amazed at how much this area has developed.  As each village expands it's becoming less obvious when one village ends and another begins.  One section of road used to be pretty well empty, and you really felt like you were driving out into the "bush."  Now there's people everywhere!  and the taxi bikes are busy, busy!

After about 25 min following this dirt road, I've finally arrived in the village of Fumagira.  With all the rain the last few weeks, everything is SO green!!  The sugarcane is high.  There's fields of sweet potatoes and cassava, tomatoes and green peppers.  Village life can be pretty rough.  But after lots of hard work, and if God blesses with rain... whew!  Life is good! :-)

This Sunday, after the mud at Mayoka, and taking a bit too long in children's church (hey, what can I say, we were having fun with the review game!)  I didn't make it to Fumagira till 11:15.  When I drove up, the children were carrying their benches back to the main church building (which is where they are stored during the week, because it has doors that lock.)  I was a bit confused.  Was the service already over?

I entered and sat down in the back with the children.  Then one of the women came up and asked if I could teach the kids.  The deacon was about to start preaching, the children had been dismissed.  They had carried the benches out.  When no one showed up to teach, they picked up their benches and returned to the adult service.  I said, "Of course!"  The kids picked up their benches, AGAIN, and we headed out to our little children's building. :-)

The kids of Fumagira are memorizing Lk.1:26-37 in preparation for Christmas.  So after some singing, we spent our class time reviewing the passage, repeating sections at a time, and then playing a game with the verses.  Jennifer, their main teacher, has been doing really well, reviewing with them every week; and some of the kids have done an awesome job working on it at home.  A few of them already know the whole passage, and it's not even December!

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