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November 4, 2011
A loving, personal Heavenly Father is rather a foreign idea in this culture.  After all, fathers are typically not very affectionate, neither are they lovingly involved in the daily lives of their children. 

Every Tanzanian family is different of course (just like families in the states).  As I try to understand and define the culture here, I hesitate lest I simply draw stereotypes... In a few years, I may come back to this entry and be aghast at my ignorance, but... one must try.

It is commonly known that a person's relationship with his earthly father is often how he views his heavenly Father.  (Now there's a great topic for personal evaluation!)  Watching fathers here interact (and not interact) with their children makes me yearn to find some way to teach our Sunday school kids about their heavenly Father, a personal God, a loving Father.

Wednesday, the Holy Spirit broke through the culture with His light of truth!  I took Pastor Mussa and his teenage son Isaka, out to the village of TX.  We stopped to visit a church member we hadn't seen in awhile.  She wasn't there, but her husband, a Muslim, and his younger wife were.  Mussa started talking to the other wife, Mama Eda (Ay'-deh) about her kids and things.  A neighbor lady came over with her baby and then another visitor showed up with her kids.  (At one point all 3 women were breast-feeding at the same time... African-style... still a bit awkward for me!)

The Muslim husband, Baba Eda (I'm assuming), came and went through Mussa's gospel presentation.  At one point he was sitting, listening; and one of his daughters, about 3yrs old, was standing close by.  You could just see she liked being near him.  She would look at him once in awhile, grab onto his arm, one time she even reached up her little face and kissed him.  Another time he sat with knees wide and arms on his knees, with her right in the middle, enveloped by his arms. Just then Mussa was talking about Rom 5:8, that God loves us even though we are dead in our sins. 

"Just like this little girl loves being with her father.  Why do you think that is?  Because she knows she's safe, she knows that she's loved, and she's happy,"  Mussa said.  "We are loved the same way by our heavenly father."

Oh it was perfect!  Thank You God for the times when Your truth shines so clear!
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