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November 29, 2011

Ngamba started out serving the Lord “kwa bidii,” he was excited and poured his life into ministry.  He was faithful to church, a choir member, led the congregational singing, became a children’s church teacher.   He was also faithful to go witnessing in his village every Wednesday.  While I was in the states I learned that he traveled with Pastor Pele to help teach children’s classes in two other churches.

I visited Ngamba and his wife and little baby last Wednesday.  These days it seems discouragement has set in.  He is still faithful to church, and still a choir member.  Still teaches the children.  But you can just tell… the excitement is gone.  Where did the fire go?

And I’ve seen the same happen many times.  Is it true everywhere?   New believers start out with a zeal that can’t be stopped, with a fire that just won’t be put out.   Then little problems grow into big ones.  Maybe criticism from other church members or from home; maybe lack of food to feed the family.  Maybe sickness or self-pity because nobody seems to appreciate them.

We have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee, brother. Ph.1:7

Philemon knew how to refresh the hearts of the saints.  Many of our Tanzanian pastors, pastors wives, and children’s workers need to be refreshed.  I want to be a Philemon.  I want to be used by God somehow to refresh the hearts of the saints!

I would love to hear your thoughts... what were some ways or words that others used to refresh your heart when all seemed dark?

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