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October 26, 2011
One of the nuggets of wisdom I've learned from watching long-term missionaries is that if I want to be a "long-termer," I need to balance work with play.  I need to take days off, take vacations, and find ways to get away and release some stress.

Last Saturday a friend (fellow single missionary) and I joined the Mwanza Tennis Club!

If you could see us play tennis, I would die of embarrassment... so that is one video I will never post.

If you could see the tennis courts... I can't wait to get a picture to post... you will LOL. :-)

The Mwanza Tennis Club used to be a hopping place... or so I hear, but it died about 10 years ago.  There are 2 cement courts with nets that have been sewn and re-sewn, patched and re-patched.  There are a few sections surrounding the courts where the fence is still in tact.  Part of our fee each session is to pay for a "ball boy," which I discovered is 75 cents very well spent.  Otherwise we would have been chasing balls more than playing tennis (whether that is due to the lack of a fence or the lack of skill by the players, I leave to your imagination.)

Lying just upwind of the courts is a local dump.  An empty plastic bag floated by as we played.  The dump is also the feeding ground of a half dozen maribu storks (very large, very ugly scavenger birds).  One walked onto our court with its long spindly legs but decided we weren't food or friends and meandered away.

The one positive in this hilarious scene is that Beth and I think it's hilarious!  We are there to get away and have some fun and run off some stress.  We have started lessons and our teacher is excellent.   I can't wait to see what will happen at our next lesson. :-)

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