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October 3, 2011

Yesterday in church we had a special time of testimony and praise for Pastor Deli and Justa's new baby girl, Rachel.  Their testimonies reminded me again just how many miracles God performed surrounding this little one.
Two summers ago I took Justa for a series of dr appointments and tests to see if we could find a cause for her infertility.  They had been married for 5 years at the time.  The result: the Dr. said it was physically impossible for her to have a child and if she did, she could not carry to full term.  Might even be dangerous for the life of the mother to conceive.
Those were dark, discouraging days for both of them.  Several of Deli's friend encouraged him to leave his wife, and find a new one, as if it was somehow her fault.  I cannot (as an American) yet understand just how important it is in this culture for a woman to have a child.
Instead of listening to such worldly counsel, Deli went to his knees.  He shared that for a time all he could do was pray for his wife and that they would get pregnant.
Nine months ago Justa realized she was pregnant.  Instead of praising God for this miracle, though she was filled with fear from what the Dr had told her previously.  At 3 months Tammy (my fellow missionary) took Justa to another clinic where there are volunteer Drs from the states from time to time.  They said all was well for mother and baby.  Only then did Justa get excited.  She said she spent that whole next month praising God.  She determined not to ask for anything for a whole month, just praise and thank Him!
When her due date came and went, Tammy and I went with Justa back to the dr for another ultrasound.  The baby was breech, feet first.  Having a C-section or any surgery here in an African hospital is a rather risky business.  But, there "just happened" to be a visiting OBGYN with several nurses and an anesthesiologist, all from the US!  They examined Justa and decided to do a C-section the next morning.  They made her stay overnight, at about 10pm Justa went into labor and baby Rachel was born at 12:20 (ish) that night! The first delivery in their brand new birthing center!
When I think how sad and hopeless it all looked a few years ago, a just marvel.  God is a God of miracles!!  Praise to His name!!!
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