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Mwanza Moods

October 27, 2011
I came across a little article recently in an old airplane magazine inviting people to explore the wonders of Mwanza, entitled "Mwanza Moods."  (I have no idea what the title means but kudos for the alliteration.")

No one ever said learning a 2nd language was easy, but I truly hope my Swahili never brings people to tears of laughter like this writer's English did to me!

Welcome to Mwanza- a hidden treasure of the world! hmm, ok you've got my interestI don't expect you to have heard about Mwanza until you came to TZ. ...and there goes my interest.   Although Mwanza is pretty much a town, really? its promising tourist attractions make it a 'wanna' visit place on your itinerary. make it a what?

...Unlike Dar es Salaam it is not commercially influenced by corporate life.  um... huh?
The beauty of Mwanza lies in it's proximity to earth.  so sorry to all the rest of you who don't live in Mwanza so near our great planet. 

With the aircraft nearing ground, soothe your eyes with the large grassy lands encircling the Domestic Airport.  ahhh, I can see them now.  Just a little ahead, the wonderfully lined white helicopters add charmCome again?  Comfortable hotel stays can be found near the airport and in the main city as well.  As you move into the city on the wide, well caved roads, (honestly, it's what the article says!  Ok, he probably meant "well-paved," but "well-caved" is much closer to the truth!)  the sight of huge vultures resting on rooftops of tiny homes will thrill you. And there you have it, the true hidden treasure of Mwanza, the great tourist attraction that all must come to see!

So?  If that does not convince you to come visit me in Mwanza, nothing will. :-)

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  1. Oh Lisa I just laughed and laughed!!!! Thanks for making my night :)