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Kenya! -pt3

October 17, 2011

We came to Nairobi for a ladies retreat (hosted by Angela Madory of Karen Baptist Church).  Twenty-one missionary ladies in a retreat center for 2 days equals one huge gab session!!!!! :-)  We had tons of fun being pampered, eating glorious food, and hearing some great sessions from guest speaker Patti Catuto.  Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus!!

One afternoon we took a trip to visit "Heshima Children's Home,"  a day-care/ therapy center for handicapped children.  The mothers of these special needs kids are taught how to work with their kids and also are trained to make jewelry, which is then sold in the States to raise funds for the center.  What a BLESSING to see such positive things done. They also taught us to make some jewelry. ;-)

 The Brouwer's daughter, Abigail is studying at Rift Valley Academy (an hour outside of Nairobi).  She had her first break- the main reason the Brouwers went to Nairobi.  So fun to see how much she's growing up!

Also met tons of new friends!  Can't wait for Tracie to come visit me in Tanzania!  Ahadi ni deni! :-)
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