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Baba Neema

October 20, 2011
"What? Baba Neema got saved?  Well, amen!" 

Four of us had just returned to the church in TX after an afternoon of visitation, and Mussa expressed his amazement, "Baba Neema? woo-hoo!"  Pastor Mussa's wife, Naomi, and I got the huge blessing of harvesting in some well-tilled ground:  Baba Neema... or Barnabas.

Barnabas's wife and some of their 6 children have been coming off and on to church over the years, but Barnabas had never even visited.  Recently Pastor Mussa had visited him several times at home, and talked extensively about salvation.  The soil of his heart was slowly be plowed  and seeds planted and watered.  Then yesterday while out visiting,  Naomi and I stopped by to visit Mama Neema and to see how her sick father was doing.  Naomi approached Barnabas, gave him a little booklet and asked if we could talk to him about salvation.  He agreed, and I went through the plan of salvation.  Barnabas' heart seemed wide open and he followed me in a simple prayer to ask Jesus to be His Savior.

Naomi and I hadn't realized that Pastor Mussa had already been talking to Barnabas.  (We women usually head out separately from the men on visitation and don't keep real good track of where the others have been.)  As I was sharing with Barnabas, I kept wondering how he could be so open? soil that was so well prepared?  At the beginning of our conversation he had told me he had never been to any kind of church.  Sharing with Pastor Mussa later on, all became clear.  I realized the miracle that I had just witnessed.

OH the JOY of being a tiny piece of the puzzle, of being a worker in the Lord's harvest field and watching the Lord of the Harvest work!!!
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