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In town today...

September 27, 2011

I did some shopping in town today and met a German guy who is a business man here in Tanzania.  He was very intrigued that I live here and invited me to stop and have a soda with him.  (It's fun to meet other foreigners, we're always sort of on the look out for each other and curious about why the other is here.)  I sat with Steff for about an hour in a little outdoor cafe and got to witness to him a bit.  He says he only believes in what he can see, therefore he can't believe there's a God.  I shared my testimony a bit, and looked directly at him and said, "In case we never meet again, can I just say- there is a God and He made you and he loves you."  I'm praying that my new friend would not be able to sleep tonight!  That his heart would long to know and be changed by the God of the universe!

One nice thing about starting my 2nd term here in Mwanza is that I'm not too busy yet, not too stressed. I see now that many times last term I was under a lot of stress, and probably would never have stopped to talk.  How many chances did I miss to talk about my Savior... just because I had too much to do?  Oh, keep me from such a sorry way to live this term, Lord!

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