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New Term, New Blog

August 6, 2011

I love new beginnings. It's like getting a fresh start, a second chance to do better. I did not plan starting up a new blog, but the group blog that I was a part of has been disbanded… so here we are. If you're reading this it means you got the "memo." Welcome! 

This also marks the beginning of a new term, my second term in Tanzania. I'm sitting in a hotel in London now, waiting for the "Hotel Hoppa"- the bus back to the airport to continue my journey.

The last two weeks at home were so full of shopping and packing and saying goodbyes that it was incredibly easy to sleep on the plane across the Atlantic.   Now, waiting here, it's nice to finally have a few moments where there's nothing I can do but sit. Aaahh...

I am so glad I'm a missionary in the 21st century. All the technology and conveniences are wonderful. Two 9-hr flights beats 2 months on a boat any day, but I do sort of envy the fact that those missionaries of the past who traveled by boat, had 2 whole months with nothing to do but sit and wait, pray and plan. It would help me transition to the slower pace of Africa I think.
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